60cm Flare Canopy

This 60cm stainless steel flare canopy rangehood is a traditional design, perfect as a replacement or an upgrade of an older model with the same shape.

Up to 700m3/hr extraction rate 

The powerful motor will extract smoke/steam/odours at up to 700m3 per hour, which will suit most kitchen sizes.

2 * 5 Layer Aluminium Filters

The 5 layer design ensures the maximum amount of smoke and odours are extracted and all grease is caught within the filter. The filters are dishwashable.

2 * 3.0W LED lighting

LED lighting ensures a more natural light, whilst providing a longer lasting bulb than halogen bulbs.

Ducting Included

This rangehood comes with 2.0m of ducting included in the box. The diameter of this ducting is 150mm.

Ducted or Recirculated

This product can be ducted so the air is exhausted through a vent outside. If no external vent is available there is a recirculating option by way of using charcoal filters in the unit (Charcoal filters are sold separately)